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IWISS PEX Crimp Tool for Plumbing Solution - Buyer's Guide

IWISS PEX Crimp Tool for Plumbing Solution - Buyer's Guide


PEX crimp tool is an essential piece of equipment when you’re installing PEX pipe. This tool is valued for getting the tightest seal on a PEX-type pipe. The benefits of using a PEX tool are sealing the entire body of the crimp band versus just the tab, as other crimp tools do. Read our full guide to select a perfect Crimp tool for your plumbing.

5 IWISS Crimping Tool 2022

  1. IWISS PEX Crimping Tools Cinch Clamp Tools

The IWISS PEX crimping tool is packed with useful features. It’s a versatile crimp tool that is easy to use and designed to resist stretching and the need for re-calibration. This tool fits all stainless steel clamps from 3/8 inch to 1 inch so you only need one tool. The ratchet feature makes sure the crimp is complete. The self-releasing mechanism makes it simple and easy to use.

  1. IWISS F1807 Combo Copper Ring Crimping Tool for PEX Pipe Connection

We're now transferring the product line PEX pipe tools from mater brand IWISS to our sub-brand iCrimp in a strategic adjustment. We now promise that tools marked with iCrimp logo are manufactured by genuine IWISS Tools company. A unique and reasonable angled head design permits good accessibility in confined spaces.

  1. IWISS F1807 PEX Pipe Crimping Tool Kit


This is a complete set of PEX crimping accessories that includes the tool and three interchangeable jaws to suit most copper crimp band sizes. This is one of the most versatile PEX crimp tools for fitting all-size PEX Pipe crimp bands. Another benefit is the free gauge and PEX pipe cutter that is included in the set.


  1. IWISS Rachet PEX Pipe Cinch Tools

This is a smaller PEX crimp tool that is made for getting into tight places that are harder to reach with long-handled tools. This tool is designed to reach pipes located in cramped spaces that are difficult to reach. This versatile tool is designed to fit all stainless steel clamps from 3/8 inch to 1 inch and all of the sizes in between.

  1. IWISS PEX Pipe Crimping Tool for Crimp Jaw Sets 3/8-inch,1/2-inch,3/4-inch,1-inch

I'm not a plumber and did not need a $400 toolset to make a living with. This was a nice compromise. It really works well. I routed PEX tubing for two showers, two faucets, and a spigot in no time. This set is only for copper crimps. These are nice looking, but in some tight spaces, you might need the stainless steel crimp bands (which require a different crimping tool).


It’s not difficult to find the best PEX crimp tool when you know what you should look for. The best choice is the tool that best meets your needs. We’ve reviewed the top 10 PEX crimp tools and have included a range of different models to give you a variety of tools to choose from. We encourage you to look through the features and compare each before making your final choice. These are the top-rated tools on the market today and our reviews are designed to give you the best range of choices in one convenient place.

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