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FAQ of IWISS HX-50B Cu/Al Terminal Ratchet Plier

Q: Will this crimp the open Barrel style copper lugs?
A: No, it can't crimp open barrel style copper lugs. You can consider other IWISS tools.

Q: Will this work with insulated terminals? Or just uninsulated ones?
A: It works for uninsulated copper cable lugs. And it's a large crimper, it's not meant for the smaller insulated terminals.

Q: Will this crimper do H-taps?
A: Sorry, it couldn't work for H-taps.

Q: What is the largest wire that these crimp pliers crimp?
A: The capacity of this crimp is from 6-50 mm2. 50mm2 wire is the largest.

Q: Can these be used on Anderson power poles (175 amp 2awg wire)?
A: Yes, it works on Anderson Powerpoles connectors 2 AWG wire (using the jaw in 35mm2).

Q: Will this work for a 6awg tubular lug? Will this flatten a lug like a forge/hammer type or will it compress the lug and keep the rounded shape?
A: Yes, this tool can work for 6 AWG Copper tubular lug. The crimper will compress the lug and keep the rounded shape by itself.

IWISS Ratchet Electrician Plier HX-50B

Q: Are there multiple jaws, if so how long do they take to change?
A: It take about 2 seconds just push the button and turn.

Q: Does it have ides for the different size cables?
A: Yes, it adjusts for different sizes. This tool works on 5 different size cables: 6mm²/10mm²/16mm²/25mm²/35mm²/50mm².

Q: Does this stamp the side of the lug with the number die you used?
A: No, there are no numbers show after you crimp.

  • Oct 29, 2018
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