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iCrimp Best Seller CRP1096 PEX Cinch Tool with Removing Function

Q: Will this work for 15mm fittings?

A: No, the tool can only work up to 10mm(ear width) clamp.

Q: Will this tool cinch the copper rings?

A: No, this tool is designed for stainless steel clamps, not for copper rings.

Q: Can this tool remove copper rings?

A: No, this tool is deigned to cinch and remove stainless steel clamps , not copper rings. To remove copper ring, you can consider our tool CRP1010R.

Q: Does this require the use of a go no-go gauge?

A: No.Because it can cinch and remove clamps ,using Go No-Go gauge will misguide you and influence the function. The tool is facotry-calibrated,you never need to calibrate it.

Q: How difficult is this to use to clamp on the fitting?

A: It’s an easy enough tool to use.

Q: Does this works for polybutylene pipe?

A: This tool can't work with polybutylene pipe.

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  • Sep 28, 2019
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