Among a series of coordinated operations involved in making an electrical connection, cable cutting and stripping are the initial and important preparation steps.Proper preparation ensures high quality connections. Our tools are your good hands.

First step, cutting. Cable must be cut cleanly, straightly without great effort. IWISS/iCrimp offers a variety of cutters to cover range from thin fine-wire conductors to large diameter power supply cables. The cutters achieve the basic requirements of quality cutting tool, for example:

*Made of premium steel, cutting edges stay sharp with no fraying.

*Ergonomic handle design brings comfortable operation

*Ratcheting mechanism makes large size cable cutting effortless

Second step, stripping, the proper removal of the sheath brings high-quality conductive connections. Cable must be stripped to the proper length without damage. Stripping can be super easy and fast when you get a suitable stripper. IWISS tools are designed to make it easy to get quick and clean stripping for cables of different sizes and material. There are two basic strippers for your choice:

  1. Stripping pliers with multiple stripping holes.Sharp blades and precise design in diameter provide clean strip without damage to conductor.
  2. Self-adjusting insulation strippers are ideal for cable in different materials. The stripping depth can be adjusted according to cable diameter, and sheath thickness. It reduces the risk of damage to the conductor.

Besides, we manufactured various versatile strippers to help people to get more work done at less cost.

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Specifications: Cuts and strips 8-22 AWG wire with ease. Compound action wire stripping: grip and strip via single...
Model Number: LA-2546B  Tool For Solar Cable *Type: Mini Pliers *Material: Carbon Steel *Application: Wire Stripper, Solar Cables...
Model No.: FSA-0626 Specifications: for 0.6-6mm² AWG22-10  cable  Use glass-fiber-reinforced housing with automatic rebound spring and precise blade...
iCrimp Round Cable Stripper, Round Cable Slitter, Wire Stripping Tool for Fast and Precise Jacket Removal Max 240mm2 Features: Design for fast and precise removal of PVC, rubber, PE, and other jacket materials, work...
Specifications  Easy stripping without any adjustment.  Multifunction, made of steel by special hardened, with long lifetime.  Stripping wire...
Diagonal Wire Cutter, Spring-loaded Mini Electronics Snips for Cutting Electronics, Wires, Soft Copper, Zip Ties -5 inch Model...
Model No.: WS101A-10 Cable cutting pliers for cutting copper and aluminum cable Multi-strand cable Ø9mm/55mm² Induction hardened cutting...
Specifications: • Stripping Range: 0.5-6 mm². Precise blade design without damaging the conductor cores. During stripping, the wire is...
Model No.: PL-2200 Features: [Hardness] Sharp cutting edge has been hardened by high-frequency quenching, provides a smooth, flat,...
Model No.: WX-206N Specification: Designed with a shear-type jaw for cutting aluminum, soft copper. The sharp cutting blades constructed from qualified steel with through-hardening provide clean and smooth cuts without crushing and deformation. The blades have excellent anti-rust and corrosion resistance, which brings a long service life. Beveled jaw tips provide proper mating and shearing action, which protects leading jaw edges. The ergonomic grip design made of TPR reduces hand fatigue and improves the comfort level. One-hand operation is supported with handy size and performs well in narrow space. The pivot point is well lubricated and turns silently and very smoothly.
Model No.: TX100-6 Cable cutting pliers for cutting copper and aluminum cable Multi-strand cable Ø6mm/25mm² Induction hardened cutting...
Model No.: TX100-8 Cable cutting pliers for cutting copper and aluminum cable Multi-strand cable Ø7mm/35mm² Induction hardened cutting...
Model No.: IWS-D10 Specification: For stripping of wire and cable AWG 32-7(similar to 0.03-10 mm²) single layer insulated cable with solid, multicore, and finely stranded conductors. The smooth-running wire stripping mechanism adjusts automatically to match different thickness wire, provides fast compound consistent wire stripping action, and doesn’t hurt conductors. The alloy steel clamping jaw can hold the wire tightly to prevent slipping and without damage to the wire. Built-in high-frequency heat-treated cutter makes clean cuts. DO NOT use it to cut steel. With an ergonomic plastic body and curved grips, the wire stripper can fit firmly and comfortably in hand.
Model No: VC-30A Features: 1.Ratcheting design makes cutting effortlessly, save 30% labor 2.Cutting blades are made of premium...
iCrimp Wire Stripper Cable Cutter 2 in 1 Multifunction Wire Cutting Tool Stripping Tool Features: MULTIFUNCTION: Combines cutting and stripping 2 functions in 1 tool, works with multi-core round cables, coaxial cables, and wires. DURABLE: Constructed of 65# Manganese steel with rust resistance ensure long service life. STRIP: Stripping holes are machined precisely to remove insulation without damage. ERGONOMIC: Grips are made of TPR material, simple, and easy to operate with one hand. Compact size keeps well in toolbox or pocket.
[Cutting] High quality alloy steel keeps the cutting blade sharp and durable, ensures clean and neat cutting. [Stripping]...
Model No: VC-60A Features: 1.Ratcheting design makes cutting effortlessly, save 30% labor 2.Cutting blades are made of premium...
Model No.: PG-5 Features: For over 25mm/ 1.0-inch diameter circle cable skinning Design for the various insulation layers Suitable...
Model No.: ICP-211 Features: Premium Quality: ICP-211’s blade is made of special tool steel, which ensures the sharpness,...
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