ASTM F1807 is standard specification for metal insert fittings utilizing copper crimp rings for SDR9 cross-linked Poleythylene(PEX) pipe. The assemblies can be used in 100 psi cold- and hot-water distribution system operating at temperatures up to, and including, 180°F.It included the requirements for material and dimensional of fittings and crimp rings; requirements for  compression of the copper rings, which are extensively applied in residential and commercial, hot- and cold-water distribution systems,snow and ice melting systems, geothermal ground loops, district heating, turf conditioning, compressed air distribution and building services pipe.

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F1807 All-in-one Copper Ring Crimping Tool Kit
F1807 Pex Crimping Tool Kit for Copper Ring  for 3/8",1/2",3/4",1" - Free Removal Tool& Pex Pipe Cutter&Gauge-suits Sharkbite,Watts,Apollo...
ASTM F1807 Angle PEX Three Crimper Set
Features: Meet ATSM F1807 For 1/2" and 3/4" and 1" PEX copper rings. Made of high carbon steel for long...
Model No.: IWS-125 SPecification: 1.Compatible with 1.25" (1-1/4-inch) ASTM F1807 copper rings 2.Smooth polished jaws, no damage to fittings...
Model No.: CL-1/2 Features: Meet ATSM F1807 For 1/2" PEX copper rings. Made of high carbon steel for long time...
1/2"&3/4" Angel Combo PEX Pipe Crimping Tool Set with free Copper Rings&Cutter&Gauge for All US F1807 Standards- Portable Case Combo Tool Kit  Model No.: IWS-1234W KIT   What you will receive for: 1* 1/2" & 3/4" Combo Crimping Tool20PCS * 1/2" Copper Ring10PCS * 3/4" Copper Ring1* Pex Pipe Cutter (Upto 1 inch)1* GO-NO-GO Gauge1* Plastic case Specifications: Meet ASTM F1807 Combo crimping...
Model No.: CL-3/4 Features: For 3/4" PEX copper rings. Meet ATSM F1807 With high quality made of high carbon steel...
*NEW PRODUCT* Compare to the old one(Blue handle), the IWS-3801SH is much lighter. The crimper of this tool kit...
1/2" & 3/4" Combo Pex Pipe Copper Ring plumbing Tool
IWISS 1/2" & 3/4" Combo Pex Pipe Crimping Tool For Copper Ring With GO-NO-GO Gauge Meet ASTM 1807...
1" ASTM F1807 Copper Ring Angle Pex Pipe Crimping Tool
Model No.: CL-1 Features: Meet ATSM F1807 Foldable handle with comfortable and ergonomic grip Angle type head design helps reach...
Model No.:IWS-1234W What you will receive for: 1* 1/2" & 3/4" Combo Crimping Tool1* GO-NO-GO Gauge Specifications: Meet ASTM F1807 Combo crimping tool for 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch Smart design help you reach into tight connection and make the pipe installation easier Sharpen save 30% labor Perfect locator and perfect polishing ensure no damage for copper ring Simply pull back the...
ASTM F1807 Angle PEX Two Crimper Set
Features: Meet ATSM F1807 For 1/2" and 3/4" PEX copper rings. Made of high carbon steel for a long time...
Design to remove expansion rings and PEX-A pipes from F1960 brass fittings, no heating gun required. No adjustment required, simply cut off the expansion rings and PEX-A pipes. Scientific built-in cutting blade and reasonable gap prevent damage to the brass fittings. Constructed of high-quality steel with high wear and corrosion resistance. Two extra spare blades included. Work with 1/2,5/8,3/4 & 1-inch expansion rings outside the brass fittings, DO NOT work with PPSU fittings.
Model No.: 1210C/JD  With this decrimping tool, you can easily cut and remove the copper crimp ring from...
IWS-1632QA F1807 Pneumatic Pipe Press Machine for PEX and PAP Pipe Fittings
IWS-1632QA F1807 Pneumatic Pipe Press Machine for PEX and PAP Pipe Fittings Application : For pressing PEX&PAP pipe...
HIGH QUALITY: Constructed of brass for superior reliability and strength, be able to resist corrosion and mineral build...
HIGH QUALITY: Constructed of brass for superior reliability and strength, be able to resist corrosion and mineral build up and freeze damage. Suitable for new or retrofit construction for hot or cold water distribution. NO POLLUTION: Lead free brass, comply with drinking water standard. VERSATILE: Fittings Work with copper crimp ring, stainless steel clamps and stainless steel sleeves. EASY TO USE: Install without flame, flux, or solder, requires no bonding agents, glue, or solvents. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 3/4 in. x 3/4 in. PEX coupling fittings 5pcs
HIGH QUALITY: Constructed of brass for superior reliability and strength, be able to resist corrosion and mineral build up and freeze damage. Suitable for new or retrofit construction for hot or cold water distribution. NO POLLUTION: Lead free brass, comply with drinking water standard. VERSATILE: Fittings Work with copper crimp ring, stainless steel clamps and stainless steel sleeves. EASY TO USE: Install without flame, flux, or solder, requires no bonding agents, glue, or solvents. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1/2 in. x 1/2 in. PEX elbow fittings 5pcs
HIGH QUALITY: Constructed of brass for superior reliability and strength, be able to resist corrosion and mineral build up and freeze damage. Suitable for new or retrofit construction for hot or cold water distribution. NO POLLUTION: Lead free brass, comply with drinking water standard. VERSATILE: Fittings Work with copper crimp ring, stainless steel clamps and stainless steel sleeves. EASY TO USE: Install without flame, flux, or solder, requires no bonding agents, glue, or solvents. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1/2 in. x 1/2 in. PEX tee fittings 10pcs
HIGH QUALITY: Constructed of brass for superior reliability and strength, be able to resist corrosion and mineral build...
Model No.: IWS-1234PSK Toolset Specification: Meet ASTM F1807 Standard, compatible with 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch copper ring in PEX pipe connection Constructed of durable steel ensure an integrated mechanical property; well-polished jaws ensure no damage to the copper rings to avoid leaking; calibration function supports a long service life Lightweight and short handles improve the performance of operability in narrow space The innovative new design saves deformed rings and the Pre-crimping function brings quick&easy installations What you will receive: 1pc Dual PEX Crimper, 1pc PEX Cutter, 1pc Go/No-Go Gauge, 20pcs 1/2” Rings and 10pcs 3/4” Rings
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SKU: 1/2&3/4&1-inch angled copper ring crimper set
SKU: IWS-125
SKU: 1/2-inch
SKU: 3/4-inch
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SKU: 1-inch angled copper ring crimper
SKU: Single 1/2&3/4"Angle Combo Crimper
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SKU: 1/2&3/4-inch angled copper ring crimper set
SKU: 1210C
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SKU: 3/4 F1807 Tee 5pcs
SKU: 3/4 F1807 Coupling 5pcs
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