Pneumatic Ferrule Crimping Machine for 0.08-6mm² Hexagon Type

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The tradition fixed mould is replaced by the hexagonal crimping mould, which may perform a flexible crimp connection to tubular insulated terminals.

Since the hexagon can be adjusted steplessly, the crimping specification can be set freely within 0.08-6mm2 (AS Step 2)

After crimping, the terminals look beautiful in hexagon without any flash edge.

The machine is driven by dual-action normal cylinder, which has advantages of high efficiency and quality force and speed. The machine is fit for crimping insulated and non-insulated cable end-sleeves

Accessories: one-foot air valve, two air pipes.




Range of Application

Ferrules Terminals 0.08-6mm2

Output force


Applicable air pressure


External dimension




Assemble the cable end-sleeves and the power supply cord at first.

Adjust the size of nozzle according to the diameter of the clamped cable end-sleeves you required (Increase caliber by twisting clockwise, Decrease caliber by anticlockwise)

Clamp the cable end-sleeves with adjusted caliber.

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