Renewable energy will become progressively more important as time goes on. Convert light to electricity, solar power is an essential part in renewable energy supplies. In the past decades, due to solar panel system is high-performance and low-carbon, people carried extensive researches and have developed many applications on solar power, the cost of solar electricity is keep falling . It reduce the the use of fossil fuel and solve the issue of families in remote area with stable and inexpensive electricity.

The return of photovoltaic system depends much on the quantity of solar connections. All solar connections must be installed properly and tightly for long-term resistance to extreme weather.

To help people with solar project, we offer a wide selection of solar tools in single and in kits. Solar tool kit enables professional and efficient work with solar systems. From solar cable cutter to solar connector crimping tools, we keep our commitment for quality work. With help of tool quality and innovative design, our professional hand tools offer possibilities of workflow optimization also in the field of cable prefabrication预加工. Gas-tight, corrosion-proof and weather-resistant crimps help ensure minimal losses and good energy transmission even after years of use. We also offers various of solar connectors for options, cost effective and trust-worthy, suitable for home and power station.

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Solar Panel PV Cables Crimper for 2.5/4/6mm2 (AWG14/12/10)
Top quality, proper price, big press, good maintenance, punctual delivery. For non-insulated open plug-type connectors. Hardened and durable...
Model Number: LA-2546B  Tool For Solar Cable *Type: Mini Pliers *Material: Carbon Steel *Application: Wire Stripper, Solar Cables...
KIT-2546S All-In-One Solar Crimping Tool Kit
Specifications   Package includes:1 x IWS-2546S Crimper1 x Positioner1 x Hey key1 x LA-2546B Stripper1 x WX-206 Cutter1...
Solar PV Connector Spanner, New Design Assembly and Disassembly Tool
Assemble/DisassembleIWS4 solar  Connectors Insert the unlocked MC4 connector into a proper nose hole in the spanner. Assemble/Disassemble IWS4...
Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Cutting jaws with perfect polishing.  Designed according to human factors engineering, it can save...
Hardened and durable steel construction for years of reliable services. The design of accurate crimping moulds and complete...
Model No.: IWS-2546T Features: 1. EDM cutting die set makes the precise crimping every time 2. Upgraded ratcheting...
A complete set of tools for the easy and accurate installation of IWS4 solar connectors. The kit comes in a compact storage bag for easy transportation to the job. Handy Crimper equips with Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Cutting jaws with perfect polishing. The universal stripper is specially designed for reliable stripping of insulated cables with a stripping range:2.5/4/6mm². A pocket wire cutter with a sharp blade provides a clean-cut, easy to...
Model No.: IWS-2546S Features: Hardened and durable steel construction promises years of reliable services. IWISS NEW DESIGN crimper...
Model No.: IWS-2546B tool kit/ 18121.2 It contains: IWS-2546B IWS4 solar crimper  FSA-0626 stripper  WX-206 cable cutter 1...
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