PP/PET/Steel Strapping Tools including Pneumatic Strapping Tools, Battery-powered strapper, Manual Steel Strapping Tools, Pneumatic Strapping Welding Machine etc. widely used and the manufacturing industry,metallurgy,transportation and other industries.
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Easy To Use AQD-19/25 Pneumatic PET/PP Strapping Tools
Widely used for paper, aluminum, steel, wood, wooden packaging, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, chemicals, metal products industries. Features:...
KZ-19 Pneumatic Steel Combination Strapping Tools This steel strapping tools used for steel strapping is specially designed for...
XQD-19 /25 PET Pneumatic strapping tools
Specifications Hand held Pneumatic PET strapping tool Application: Widely applicable for Paper packing, Aluminum, Steel, Wood Plated and Bars, Pallets, Fiber fabrication, Cotton,...
Features: *Handheld and convenient to use *Suitable for strapping steel straps Strapping qualities: Uniflex regular duty max. 850...
  Model DD160 Application Widely applicable for Paper packing, Aluminum, Steel, Wood Plated and Bars, Pallets, Fiber fabrication, Cotton, Tobacco, Chemicals, Metal products, etc. Features   1. Easy to use, light weight, high-power electric design.2. Sealless,Friction welding design, with nice & reliable interface.3. Automatic working model, tensioning & welding controllable.4. Ni-Mh battery is included, battery recharger optional.5. Heavy duty, special construction design, easily to tension & strap steel, aluminum blocks, heavy packing stuff.6. Equipment with long life durance, whole tool & spare parts made from alloys with high strength, high durability,developed craft7. Sealing time adjustable, LED scale display8. Safe & free fatigue.   Width 13-19mm Thickness 0.6-1.5mm (PP) 0.5-1.2mm (PET) Strap Material PP(Polypropylene) & PET (Polyethylene terrephthalate) Weight ...
K323 Sealless Battery Operated PP/PET Strapping Tools Li-ion Battery powered manual plastic strapping tool, an ideal tool for...
 Model No.: WCT322 [DURABLE CABLE TIE TOOL]  With rust-proof treatment and wear resistance, the cutting blade hardness is HRC55, the...
Model No.:SS-01 SS-01 Stainless Steel Cable Tie Tensioning with Cutting Function SS01 Fastening Cable Tie Tools for steel...
Stainless Steel Cable Tie Tool Zip Gun with Built-in Cutter, extra Release Tool, and 100pcs 11.8-inch Metal Cable Ties included Model No.: WCT322 KIT Specification: 「DURABLE CABLE TIE TOOL」with rust-proof treatment and wear resistance, the cutting blade hardness is HRC55,the tension holder hardness design is HRC60
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SKU: DD160 for 13mm PET
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