Swaging is a method of securing wire rope with a fitting, like Aluminum sleeves. The connection will exceed the rated breaking strength of the wire rope or cable when properly applied. Therefore, swaging is widely used to accomplish tasks of light duty projects and industrial applications. The proper swaging connections require quality sleeves, corresponding cable, and correct swaging tools. 

IWISS/iCrimp offers the a series of swaging tools for virtually any type of swaging connections, from wire rope cutter, manual swager, bench mounted swager, to pneumatic swaging machine. The tools offer all key features of modern tools, such as:

  1. Made of premium steel, the tools are high strength durable for a long service life. With special surface treatment, the tools achieve high degree of water-proof, and corrosion-resistant
  2. Accurate hole design and well-polished jaws makes every connection perfect with virtually all sleeve and wire rope in the market
  3. Adjustable function makes tight and trust- worth connection even after long time using.
  4. Ergonomic handle ensures optimal force-transmission and anti-fatigue operation. 

IWISS tools are designed to make connections much easier. We insist on innovation and released new style-swaging tools in the past years. We don’t follow the trend, but we lead it .  

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Features: For aluminum wire rope crimp ferrules, crimping loop sleeve, duplex sleeve, fishing double sleeves, railing fittings. The...
Features [PRECISE] The Jaw is processed with Wire EDM Cutting [DURABLE]The head part is made of one piece high-grade...
Features Sharp replaceable shear with cutting-edge hardness approx. 68 HRC for cutting stainless steel wire rope, aircraft cable,...
 Model No.: IWS-1608DTS 「CAPACIT] 3/64, 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, 1/8 - inch(1.2-3.5mm).  「LABOUR-SAVING] This bench-mounted swaging tool has the same 4 cavities as the...
      Model Number: IWS-1608B Crimping Range: 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16" Heavy duty wire rope hand crimper/Swagging...
Features 13 INCH TOOL with 6 cavities for diameter 1/32"-1/8" (0.3mm-3.5mm) wire rope and applicable to aluminum oval...
iCrimp CWR1522 Wire Rope Crimping Tool with Cutting Function for Cable Railing, Hand Swaging 0.1~2.2mm Aluminum Oval Sleeves,...
Model No.: CWR1522 set [8 INCH TOOL] with 4 cavities for diameter 0.1-0.5 /0.5-1.0 /1.0-2.0 /2.2mm wire rope and...
The crimper is made of quality forged alloy steel with electrophoresis treatment to provide maximum corrosion resistance to...
IWISS Wire Rope Crimping Tool/Cutter for Aluminum Oval Sleeves,Stop Sleeves,Crimp Ferrules,Crimping Loop sleeve From 3/64-inch to 1/8-inchCrimping Capacity:3/64,1/16,5/64,3/32,7/64,1/8-inchCutting Capacity: max 1/8"Well polished jaw brings tight and clean compression on each crimpingSmooth surface provide security assurance to the usersFor aluminum wire rope crimp ferrules,crimping loop Sleeve, duplex sleeve, fishing double sleeves,railing fittings
Features Sharp replaceable shear with cutting-edge hardness approx. 61 HRC for cutting stainless steel wire rope, aircraft cable,...
Hand Swaging Tool for 1/8,3/16-INCH Stainless Steel Tensioner Swage Stud System with cutting function for up to 3/16-INCH...
Model No.: CWR1530 Features: COMPACT SIZE DESIGN for aluminum cable end cap for all bicycle cables includes derailleur cable, shift cables, and brake cable, max diameter 2.0mm. Also, work with aluminum oval sleeves and double sleeves, max diameter 2.2mm. ◆SOLID◆ Constructed of high-quality Cr-MO steel with superior rust resistance and the connection joints are processed with Metal Sheet Processing to improve the tool’s ruggedness and force transmission. The cutting blade with high hardness and good abrasion resistance can bring excellent experience. ◆PRECISE◆ Two pieces jaw is processed with WIRE EDM CUTTING to ensure the jaw’s accuracy and bring phenomenal tolerance when two pieces jaws are together. ◆MULTIFUNCTIONAL◆ With built-in cutting blades, this tool can also cut the brake cable, derailleur cable, copper wire, wire rope up to 2.2mm in seconds effortlessly, saves money from buying a single cutter....
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