FS-7842 Automotive A/C Hose Hydra-Krimp Crimping tool kit

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  • Automotive A/C Hose Hydra-Krimp Crimper
  • 7 Changable Die Sets 

Product Description

  • The new patented HYDRA-KRIMP makes crimping barbed and beaded fittings as easy as 1-2-3!
  • The lightweight hand-held hydraulic press is very portable. Crimping pipes and fittings in an easy and labor-saving way.
  • The kit is applicable for beadlocking fitting and barrier A/C hose.
  • The dies snap quickly into the press fixture requiring no pins or screws.
  • The Kit comes with a complete set of dies covering hose sizes: #6, #8, #10, #12 and reduced barrier hose sizes: #6, #8, #10 and #12. Always wear safety goggles when operating.



Open the relief valve to fully recess the piston, and then close tightly.

Rotate the yoke fully counter clock-wise to bottom out the adapter seat.


Warning: DO NOT actuate the piston without having a hose and fitting in place to crimp. This could damage the tool. Also, be careful not to place hands near any pinch points while using the tools.

1. Remove pin and open-top yoke.
NOTE: It may be necessary to turn the body counter clock-wise until top yoke can be rotated away from the piston.

2.Select the correct die set:
Standard Hose             Reduced Barrier Hose
#6(5/16ââ‚?-Purple         #6(5/16ââ‚?-Black
#8(13/32ââ‚?-Red          #8(13/32ââ‚?-Purple(same with #6(5/16ââ‚?-Purple  )
#10(1/2ââ‚?-Yellow        #10(1/2ââ‚?-Orange
#12(5/8ââ‚?-Green          #12(5/8ââ‚?-Blue
NOTE: Be sure to correct size die set! Failure to do so could cause leakage or failure of the crimp!

3. Insert dies into yoke.

4.Position fitting and hose in crimper and close top yoke.

5. Insert pin securely.
Note: Make sure pin snaps securely into place before crimping process is started

6. Turn the body of tool clockwise until dies are snug against hose fitting.

7. Turn hydraulic value to the CLOSED position.

8. Pump handles to crimp fitting onto the hose. Continue pumping until the handle comes to a stop.
Note: Place the body of the tool against a solid body to create more leverage during the crimping process.

9. Once crimp is complete, turn the hydraulic valve to the OPEN position.

10. Turn the body of tool counterclockwise until top yoke can be rotated away from the piston portion of yoke.

11. Remove holding the pin and open yoke.

12. Remove hose assembly.

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